Blonde Ale

10mg THC Hybrid Blonde Ale

Valhalla’s 16.9 oz of Hazy IPA and Blonde Ale are dealcoholized by Barrel Brothers Brewing to allow the drink to retain its natural beer flavor, terpenes, and boldness. Unlike others on the market, Valhalla is more than hoppy terpenes in sparkling water.

The Beer: Founded in 2015, Barrel Brothers Brewing is family-owned and based in Sonoma County, CA.

Description: Valhalla’s Blonde Ale has 10mg THC with restrained notes of cereal, grain, and spice, unmistakably from American and Belgian influence. This non-alcoholic craft beer is brewed identically to other top-notch blonde ales and then dealcoholized through a low-heat process to retain its natural terpenes and bolder flavor. Elevating and relaxing, yet focused and present, Valhalla’s Blond Ale is perfect for socializing or resetting at any time of day.

Size: 16.9 oz British
Malts Used: Belgian Pilsen, Pale Ale, Vienna
Hops Used: Sterling
Yeast: Belgian Blonde
IBU: 35
Color: Pale/Brilliant
ABV <0.5%

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